The Redeemed has made many live tapes at the KGMH, but never a CD.  When the
new group was about two years old, we all decided we would try to make a CD.  So
at the end of 2006, we started our very first CD and here it is.
Our First CD!!!
Rockin', Rockin,' Rockin'
  1. Rockin' on the Waves
  2. I'm Not Ashamed
  3. Flyin' High
  4. I Claimed Jesus
  5. Cryin' Holy
  6. The Lighthouse
  7. Long Black Train
  8. Holding Up the Ladder
  9. Walkin' in the Highway
  10. Excuses
  11. Who Rolled the Stone Away
  12. I'll Not Turn My Back
  13. The Hand Of The Lord
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This project was made in 2008 and we really enjoyed it and we are sure you will enjoy it
CD No. 2
1. It Wasn't Raining
2. Keep Your Eyes On Jesus
3. Come On Down
4. Key To Heaven
5. Unguarded Moment
6. The Next Time That You See Me
7. The Dream
8. I Didn't Leave Like I Came
9. Who Will Sing For Me
10. Rebel Soldier
11. One Of These Days
12. Rank Stranger
13. Jesus Is The Answer To My Achy Breaky Heart
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus
All projects recorded, mixed, and duplicated by:
Mike Rose at AudioFarm Recording Studio
Of Kenly, N.C.
The Latest Project!!!
1: Search Inside an Empty Tomb
2: Unclouded Day
3: Just as the Sun Went Down
4: Homesick
5:The Right Hand of Fellowship
6: Seek Ye Out the Old Path
7: I Know, I Know
8: When I've Traveled My Last Mile
9: House of Gold
10: My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race
11: By The Mark
12: Ye Must Be Born Again
13: Help is on the Way
Just as the Sun Went Down