The singing ministry began in 1978 as a family group.  The group consisted of Ken Renfrow, his
wife, and his daughter.  His daughter, Star, played the keyboard/piano.  A few years later, a few
more members joined the band: Jimmy Johnson (banjo) and Allen Barbee (bass guitar).  Everyone in
the group attended Watson Grove FWB Church, so the group was named "The Watson Grove
The first singing was held at Black Jack FWB Church in Goldsboro, N.C. by invitation from their
pastor Rev. Dennis Pollock.  The ministry carried the group to many churches and rest homes over
the course of several years.
As the ministry went on, many challenges came along.  Everyone had full time jobs and schedules
conflicted back and forth.  Later, as some members left and some joined, the name of the group was
changed to "The Redeemed."  
After these new members, Shorty Morgan, RB Sullivan, Rev. Lalleon Narron, and Richard Hales, the
group purchased their first bus, a 1957 GMC 4104.  The group traveled in it for five years until they
upgraded to what they now have, a 1976 MCI 8.        
Several years passed and RB Sullivan and Shorty Morgan was called home to be with the Lord.  
Richard Hales and Lalleon Narron quit to seek other opportunities.
Ken said, "Me and my wife prayed that the Lord would send us someone that could play and sing,"
so in 2001, Pete Keen and Edgar Johnson, along with his son Matt Johnson (11 years old), came to
play for the group.  Pete played the acoustic guitar and sang tenor; Edgar played the bass guitar
and later moved to the acoustic guitar and started singing; and, Matt, who Ken says is the best
musician that he has ever had, plays the guitar, bass, dobro, banjo, and the coffee can.  Ruth Powell
later joined the group playing bass guitar.
Ken Renfrow concludes by saying, "The Lord has richly blessed our group and I can honestly say
that I now have the best group I have ever had.  We love bluegrass gospel music and hope to use it
to win others to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."
Our Mission
Where We Started
Our mission is to spread the word about Jesus Christ, our Savior, through bluegrass
gospel music.  Everywhere we go and in everything we do, we put Him first.  
Meet The Members
About Us
Lead & Harmony
Instruments: Banjo, Dobro, Acoustic Guitar, Coffee Can

A Little Bit About Him:
-Joined the group in 2001 playing the autoharp.  Later he started      
playing the guitar and then learned to play the bass guitar.  After Shorty
Morgan passed away, he learned to play the dobro and then learned the
banjo.  Now he has picked up the coffee can and even learned how to
play it.

-Matt got banjo lessons from Al Batten and later learned a few         
things from Little Roy Lewis.  
Lead & Harmony
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Bass

A Little Bit About Him:
-Edgar joined in 2001 playing the bass guitar.  
-Later he moved to the acoustic and started singing.

-As Matt's father, he started him playing and has been a big        
influence in his son's life.
Edgar Johnson, Jr.
Matt Johnson
Sandra Renfrow
Ken Renfrow
Honorary Members
Of Kenly, N.C.
A.J. Stallings
Lead & Harmony Vocals
Instruments: Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar

A Little Bit About Him: Joined the group in Jan. 2011.  He started
playing the fiddle in Dec. 2010 and has really excelled on it.  He loves
music and is an awesome Piano player.  He also does the photography
work for the group.  

If you want A.J. to do some photography or graphic design work for you
call: 919-333-4725
Anthony Stallings
Harmony Vocal
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar

A Little Bit About Him: Joined the group in Jan. 2011.  
Has been playing music all of his life and really has a passion
for it. He use to play for the bluegrass gospel group "The